Kaplan Center for Entrepreneurship

As a Kaplan Scholar, I am a part of an interdisciplinary team of IIT graduate students. By defining points of intervention within the University of Illinois Tech, our team is developing programming for students, alumni and faculty.  Under the direction of Anijo Mathew, this Spring semester project will culminate in a single cohesive platform for Illinois Tech to foster leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

I created a pre-read report for the BarnRaise design conference held this October 2017. The research consisted of user interviews, analysis and systems thinking. During the event I facilitated a multidisciplinary group to develop a platform to engage the city of Chicago in changing the way we currently waste food.


BarnRaise 2017 

Volunteered to conduct a design research project for the AIGA Design for Good Initiative. 

AIGA Design for Good Initiative

Design Strategist, Current
Design Researcher, Summer 2017
Design Researcher, Fall 2017