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I thoroughly enjoy environmental photography. Combining my love for
interior design, space, composition
and lighting- I am always looking
for the perfect shot.

I started dancing as a ballerina at age 5. Since then I've received a minor in dance from CSU Fresno, and was a professional contemporary dancer with Fresno Dance Collective. As my passion for design deepened, I wrote an undergraduate thesis on the relationship between dance and design. Most recently I participated in the development of a "Bauhaus Ballet" in 2019, for the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school of thought. 

One of my favorite things to do is to visualize complex ideas as simplified diagrams. It is one of the ways I learn and understand when sitting in a lecture, conducting an interview or having a conversation. I practice this skill by 'sketchnoting'. This process helps me quickly understand, remember valuable quotes and develop a critical perspective - visually.

As a teammate, collaborator and designer, I deeply value clarity and communication. In order to create both, trust has to be developed. I've had the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary teams across the globe. Those teams have been most successful when we have created trust and built community. 

Frameworks are the key to getting teams aligned, information understood and clarity found. I enjoy creating and developing frameworks as a way to engage multiple stakeholders.

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