Excerpt from Undergraduate Thesis:

From Dance to Design and Back Again
A New Approach to the Process of Design, 2012

"From the beginning of time, humankind has constantly engaged in creating. We have formed ideas. We have formed environments. We have developed the practice of manipulating form to create a highly advanced society. All that is formed is connected, intertwined. It is enhancing, affecting and manipulating society. Form begins with the human mind, thinking. Human thoughts develop into human creations. Human creations evoke human reaction. Reaction is rooted in thought. As humans “we think visually, we think in sound, we think kinesthetically... we think in movement” (v4). All of these types of thought are developed, whether acutely or through extensive processes, while manipulating an aspect of form.

I have discovered through experience and extensive research that two well-known processes of creation, dance and design are inherently connected, even though they deal with completely opposite aspects of form. They are similar in that they deal with creation, have impact, desire explanation and have a “similar” artistic base. However, dance is


Drawing to Communicate

This video was created during the Intro to Digital Media course at the Institute of Design. A futuristic platform company, UNA connects people across the globe by providing language assistance through text, video and spoken conversation. UNA is intended to support a communal, accessible world despite language barriers. 

This video was created to support a Kickstarter project by Andrew Bates. I shot, creatively directed and edited the final video which lead to a fully funded kickstarter project!

Learn more about the beautiful d'Jinn lamp here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/559515569/djinn-a-modern-task-lamp




transient, fleeting, temporal and created through manipulation of the human form. While “design”, a word that has so many definitions, is “a word that needs its own dictionary” (b3). In the following discussions I examine what design is, explain how design fits into the dance world, as well as layout how the creative dance process of choreography should be incorporated into the developing design process. My goal is to show how the choreographer’s process should exponentially enhance the designer’s process. This, in turn, will help designers understand the impact their designs have on the human existence.

Design is a process that has been evolving for centuries and has become a strong part of our society (b3). Design has many definitions. According to Merriam-Webster design is: to create, execute or construct according to plan, to conceive or plan out in the mind, to have as a purpose, to devise for a specific function or end (w10). All definitions are appropriate for what we may see as the correct characterization of design in the 21st century. But design cannot be encompassed by a simple definition."

Presentation Style

I have found drawing to communicate quickly grounds groups of people to understand flows of stories, potential workshop flows and/or group presentations. I use this technique both for individual notes, and in group projects.