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As a teammate, collaborator, and designer, I place importance on clarity and effective communication. I firmly believe that trust is the foundation for fostering these qualities. Throughout my experience working with diverse, interdisciplinary teams around the world, I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable success that arises when trust is established and a sense of community is cultivated.

One activity that brings me great joy is transforming intricate concepts into simplified diagrams.

Whether I'm attending a lecture, conducting an interview, or engaging in a conversation, visualizing ideas through sketchnoting has become an integral part of my thinking process. This skill enables me to swiftly grasp information, retain valuable quotes, and cultivate a visually enhanced perspective.

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Since the age of 5, I have dedicated myself to dance and even completed a minor in dance at CSU Fresno. As a professional contemporary dancer, I had the privilege of being part of the esteemed Fresno Dance Collective.

As my passion for design grew, I delved deeper into exploring the interplay between dance and design, culminating in the completion of an undergraduate thesis on this fascinating relationship.

Continuing to merge my interests, in 2019 I contributed to the development of a captivating "Bauhaus Ballet", commemorating the 100th anniversary of the influential Bauhaus school of thought.

I take pleasure in crafting and refining frameworks as a means to actively engage stakeholders. Frameworks play a pivotal role in achieving alignment within teams, ensuring comprehension of information, and attaining clarity. By employing these structures, I can facilitate effective collaboration and enable a shared understanding among team members.

I find great joy in practicing environmental photography, skillfully merging my passion for interior design, spatial awareness, composition, and lighting. This amalgamation fuels my perpetual quest for capturing the perfect shot.

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